Thank you for presenting your workshop at the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference! 

Send Your Presentation and Handout Materials to NAIS. This ensures that attendees can access and download all materials. Email your materials to Bridget Janicki at and include the subject line "14AC website materials." In the body of the note, include the name, date, and time of your workshop. Files should not exceed 1 MB. Attendees can find and download your materials posted under your workshop description.

NAIS website submittal dates:

    • By February 14: Materials will be posted before the conference starts.

    • By February 15 – 21: If possible, materials will be posted in time for the conference, but may not appear on the website until a week to 10 days after the conference.

    • By February 22 – March 15: Materials will be posted within a week to 10 days after the conference. After March 15, no further materials will be accepted.

Submit 2015 Workshop Proposals

We shall accept workshop proposals for the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference in Boston from mid-March through June 1. Please watch this website for details.