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Optional Three-Hour Workshops

You may register for one of these optional three-hour workshops during online registration for a fee of $180.​


 Wednesday, February 26, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

  • 1,000 Voices, One Vision: Uniting a School Through Strategic Planning

    Asia 2

    Diverse perspectives drive innovation, but it can be daunting to engage all of your constituencies. Join us for an experiential session to explore how we strengthened commitment to a new strategic vision with a streamlined and collaborative planning process. Gain concrete tools and creative exercises to kickstart a dynamic and inclusive process at your school.
    Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners (CT); Kirk Greer, Randall Dunn, and Charlie Gofen, The Latin School of Chicago (IL); Liane Faermann, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)
    Leadership Development
  • A School-Year, Case-Study Perspective on Employment Law Issues

    Oceanic 2

    Explore employment law through a “year-in the-life” of a school and review employment law issues as school leaders experience them. Engage in hypothetical scenarios to highlight potential legal issues and practical strategies for identifying, addressing, and preventing employment law issues.
    Heather Broadwater and Caryn Pass, Venable LLP (DC); Liane Faermann, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)
  • Ages and Stages of the Head of School

    Northern Hemisphere A-1

    Join a diverse panel of heads to discuss the challenges and joys of headship, in small groups and together. Workshop leaders represent heads in years one to five; six to 10; 11 to 15; 16 to 20; and 21+. Aspiring and current heads, experience camaraderie and gain perspective on these different career stages. Trustees and consultants, gain insight into retaining and recruiting heads.
    Reveta Bowers, Center for Early Education (CA); Katherine Dinh, Prospect Sierra School (CA); Bernie Noe, Lakeside School (WA); Lou Salza, Lawrence School (OH); Anne Stavney, Blake School (MN)
    Leadership Development
  • CANCELLED Maximizing Resources Through Public-Private Partnerships

  • CANCELLED Recognizing Threats: What Should You Do?

  • CANCELLED The Institutional Response to Sexual Misconduct in Our Schools: Past and Present

  • Dealing with "Access Everywhere" Academic Integrity in the 21st Century

    Asia 3

    If your school provides an innovative curriculum with an emphasis on 21st century skills, then you must consider how students will develop ethical and effective approaches to learning. Find out how to lead this process from educators who worked with a university partner to revitalize their school’s approach to collaboration, use of technology, and student research.
    Daniel Gutierrez, Peggy Procter, and Ernie Levroney, Windward School (CA); Bradley Zakarin, BZ Educational Consulting (IL)
    The Classroom Experience
  • Explore the Power of Experiential Education

    Northern Hemisphere A-2

    Recent educational innovations continue to position experiential education at the forefront of school change. Join board members of the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN) for a dynamic dialogue. Dare to explore how you can capitalize on the power of experiential education and innovation in your school!
    Jessie Barrie, Albuquerque Academy (NM); Meghan James, Westminster Schools (GA); Sara Mierke, Hawken School (OH)
    Leadership Development
  • Exploring Auxiliary Programs: Discovering Possibilities in Uncharted Territory

    Northern Hemisphere A-3

    With economic uncertainty, schools seek alternative revenue sources, ways to recruit students, and methods to build community relationships. Auxiliary programs can be your compass.  Start with Auxiliary Programs 101 then move onto mini-sessions on mission-driven programming, budgeting, marketing; and end with "speed consulting" to address your specific needs.
    Karen McCann McClelland, Sidwell Friends School (DC); David Chottiner, Shady Side Academy (PA); Jeffery Malloy, Oak Hall School (FL); Vinita Ahuja, Georgetown Day School (DC)
  • Generative Partnership: Board and Head Engaged for the Future

    Northern Hemisphere A-4

    Successful schools need trustees and heads engaged in visionary partnership at all three levels of governance: fiduciary, strategic, and generative. But getting to this level of discourse isn’t so easy.  Join us in this highly interactive workshop, where we’ll explore practical ideas for building that partnership and try out exercises you can take back to school.
    Ginny Christensen, Strategy for Growth, LLC (PA); Beth Reaves and Bill Carrigan, Friends School Mullica Hill (NJ)
  • Global Circles Update and Looking Forward: Dare to Join!

    Northern Hemisphere E-1

    Meet leaders from global education organizations to discuss essential practices, program evaluation, student assessment, online learning, and overseas partnerships. Learn about our collaborative process and join roundtable discussions to advance the conversation. We welcome your voice and ideas!
    Vicki Weeks, Global Weeks (WA); Willy Fluharty, Cape Henry Collegiate School (VA); Michael Furdyk, TakingITGlobal (CANADA); Matt Nink, Global Youth Leadership Institute (WI); Ross Wehner World Leadership School (CO); David Maher, Chadwick International School (SOUTH KOREA)
    Leadership Development
  • Grit, Resilience, and Moral Agency: Strive for Worthwhile Goals

    Oceanic 1

    Uncover the relevant wisdom and current research concerning grit, resilience, and the self-regulated behavior involved with both.  Examine great practices in those areas. Come prepared to engage with presenters and colleagues to develop strategies to bring back to your school cultures.
    Jonathan Rosenshine, The Buckley School (NY); David Streight, Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education (OR)
    The Classroom Experience
  • Harnessing Our Best Energy: Becoming Catalysts for Change in Independent Schools

    Northern Hemisphere E-2

    Join us to screen clips from the documentary, Education in the Works, a follow-up to Vicki Abeles’ Race to Nowhere, featuring stories of educators committed to transforming education. A panel discussion will follow on: engaging stakeholders, identifying and leveraging opportunities for change, and innovative approaches to educating children.
    Kristie Haskell, Pivot-Point Strategy & Solutions (MA); Scott Reisinger, Bancroft School (MA); Vicki Abeles, Reel Link Films (CA); Christopher Tompkins, The Perkiomen School (PA)
    Leadership Development
  • Here There Be Dragons: Navigating School Innovation

    Northern Hemisphere E-3

    The case for change has been well-made, but there's no map.  Leading our schools into the future requires the courage to navigate uncharted territory.  Hear strategies for developing a clear and actionable school vision, fostering a culture capable of innovating, removing obstacles that are grounded in fear, and building on successes and failures along the voyage.
    Jamie Baker, Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence (TN); Lee Burns, Presbyterian Day School (TN); Brett Jacobsen, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (GA); Greg Bamford, Leading is Learning (WA)
    Leadership Development
  • Hiring the Best: The New NAIS Independent School Guide to Hiring

    Northern Hemisphere E-4

    Hiring the best candidate for your school is the ultimate goal of the hiring process.  Review best practices and get guidelines, samples, and checklists intended to help schools understand, develop, and adopt policies and procedures that support a legally compliant and effective hiring process.
    Linda Johnson, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton (NH); Jada Hebra, St. Paul’s School (NH)
  • Learn Outside the Box: A World of Professional Development Opportunities

    Southern Hemisphere IV

    Learn outside the box! Discover and experience a variety of models to actively take control of your professional development. Twitter chats, unconferences, webinars, PLNs, digital spaces, and Google hangouts are just a few of the ways to propel and sustain your faculty’s personal growth and develop a participatory culture of learners.
    Karen Blumberg, The School at Columbia University (NY); Kim Sivick, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PA); Hadley Ferguson, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA); Liz Davis, Belmont Hill School (MA)
    Leadership Development
  • Making the Most of Difficult Conversations

    Oceanic 3

    Following the book Making the Most of Difficult Conversations, review the theoretical underpinnings of these conversations, identify the skills and attitudes necessary to navigate these conversations, and engage in exercises to pinpoint your strengths and challenges in having these conversations.
    Michael Riera and Dawn Cunnion, Brentwood School (CA)
    Leadership Development
  • STEAM (Science Tinkering Engineering Aesthetics Math): Creating a Maker Culture

    Asia 5

    Explore the background and research on why creating a makerspace and mindset can provide your school a framework to implement a true 21st century learning space. Enter this pop-up makerspace to work with the tools that comprise these types of spaces as you learn how to implement solutions, from cardboard and tape to higher-end equipment.
    Vinnie Vrotny, Quest Academy (IL); Jaymes Dec, Marymount School (NY); Andrew Carle, Flint Hill School (VA); Lindsey Own, The Evergreen School (WA)
    The Classroom Experience
  • Why School? A Framework for Rethinking School

    Europe 1

    In his book, Why School?, Will Richardson offers a framework for school that meets the demands of real learning anytime, anywhere. Gain a deep understanding of Richardson’s framework, including lessons learned from one school’s decade of successful reinvention, and share insights gathered from more than 65 schools visited in the fall of 2012.
    Cathy Kyle and Susan Droke, Presbyterian Day School (TN); Will Richardson, Connected Learning (NJ); Grant Lichtman, Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence (TN)
    Leadership Development
  • You Can’t Measure That! Emerging Assessment Tools for Improving Learning

    Southern Hemisphere V

    How can we measure the success of our schools? Fast-changing times and new accreditation standards demand we do. We will explore the history, limitations, and opportunities of learning outcome assessment, consider new and emerging tools to measure mission meaningfully, and share best practices from the field in using assessment to guide instructional improvement.
    Jonathan Martin, JonathanEMartin Ed. Services (AZ); Olaf Jorgenson, Almaden Country School (CA); John Gulla, Edward E. Ford Foundation (ME)
    The Classroom Experience

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