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One-Hour Workshops: Block 6

Block 6Friday 1:30-2:30 PM
  • Communications and Advancement
    • Parents As Advocates, Ambassadors and Word of Mouth Marketers

      Europe 2

      Your parents are your best advocates, ambassadors, and word of mouth marketers for your school. Take an inside look at The Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, FL, to learn how it harneses the power of these key influencers to experience growth through its successful ambassador program and “Pass It On” word of mouth campaign.
      Rick Newberry, Enrollment Catalyst (FL); Laura Murphy and Shannon Drosky, The Out-of-Door Academy (FL)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Solicitation Strategies: Not Just a Question of Asking

      Oceanic 4

      A little experience is all you need to learn the positive language and mindset for enjoying gift solicitation and doing it well. Design a successful solicitation strategy, identify tips and techniques for training volunteers, learn how to address donor objections, and work through a case study that provides an opportunity to put theory into practice.
      Starr Snead, Advancement Connections (SC); Shelley Reese, The Learning Center for the Deaf (MA)
      Financial Sustainability
  • Governance
    • Give, Get, or Get Off

      Asia 3

      A common school mantra, but do your board members really understand their role as fund-raisers? Starting from the beginning, from the importance of advancement within board job descriptions to the traits of effective board members, learn what an effective fund-raising board looks like and how it operates. Gain insider tips to help you turn even the most reluctant board members into power fund-raisers.
      Tim Winkler, Winkler Group (SC)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Leadership Perceptions of Succession Planning at Independent Schools

      Oceanic 3

      Learn the extent to which leaders at independent schools are engaging in succession planning and how this practice is critical in ensuring the long-term viability of our schools. Hear first-hand research about components of a succession plan and the conditions that contribute or inhibit this critical practice within the independent school setting.
      Peter Mason, The Governor's Academy (MA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • Leadership Development
    • Families First Gathering

      Australia 2

      Join fellow head of school partners and spouses to connect and reflect on the rewards and challenges of your public positions.
      Gail Suitor, Boulder Country Day School (CO); Laurie Reider Lewis, The Gunston School (MD)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Increasing the Pipeline: Supporting Women and People of Color Aspiring to Be Heads

      Asia 1

      Although independent schools are getting closer to becoming inclusive institutions reflective of the mosaic of our country, there’s been difficulty in placing women and people of color as heads. Gain key strategies for aspiring heads as well as current heads, board members, and search firms on your role in this important initiative.
      Ara Brown, Cranbrook Schools (MI); Dennis Bisgaard, Kingswood Oxford School (CT); Joan Hill, The Lamplighter School (TX); Tony Featherston, The Town School (NY); Wanda Holland Greene, The Hamlin School (CA); Sylvia Rodriguez Vargas, Brownell-Talbot School (NE); Karen Eshoo, Vistamar School (CA)
      Demographic Sustainability
    • Learn Outside the Box: A World of Professional Development Opportunities

      Northern Hemisphere A-1

      Learn outside the box! Discover and experience a variety of models to actively take control of your professional development. Twitter chats, unconferences, webinars, PLNs, digital spaces, and Google hangouts are just a few of the ways to propel and sustain your faculty’s personal growth and develop a participatory culture of learners.
      Karen Blumberg, The School at Columbia University (NY); Kim Sivick, Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PA); Hadley Ferguson, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA); Don Buckley, Tools at Schools (NY)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • One School and One Family's Journey

      Northern Hemisphere C

      “Dad, let’s face it— you have a daughter and a son, not identical twin boys.” Learn how one family faced bullying, harassment, and discrimination so severe they had to go into hiding to protect their children. Hear an extraordinary story of our times illustrating the leading role independent schools can take in creating a safer world for transgender youth.
      Lydia Maier, Waynflete School (ME); Wayne Maines, father, storyteller, advocate for change (ME)
      Demographic Sustainability
    • Risk Taking and Moonshot Thinking: A New Vision of Strategic Planning

      Northern Hemisphere B

      Hear heads from two schools - a large PS-12 outside of Atlanta and a small JK–8 in Silicon Valley - share how they followed similar routes to place their schools on a pathway toward transformational change. Willing to take risks, cultivate curiosity, and establish audacious goals, these two leaders have been willing to push their communities to think big and dare to explore.
      Mark Silver, Hillbrook School (CA); Brett Jacobsen, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (GA)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Truth in Lending Act: Your Enrollment Agreements Shouldn't Create More Liability

      Northern Hemisphere A-2

      Discuss the legal implications under the federal Truth in Lending Act of various provisions found in standard enrollment agreements. Learn the potential liability for noncompliance with the law and understand how to either “opt out” or comply.
      Suzanne Bogdan, Fisher & Phillips, LLP (FL); Jose Chao, Palmer Trinity School (FL)
      Financial Sustainability
  • Management
    • Current and Coming Legal and Other Issues for Independent Schools

      Americas Seminar Room

      What has happened and what will happen next? Join NAIS's legal counsel to hear more about the legal issues that have been keeping our schools up at night and the ones that are around the corner. Race considerations in admissions? School safety? Employment issues? Come join this interactive session to learn more!
      Debra Wilson, NAIS (DC)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Dealing with Rapidly Changing Standards for Responding to Reports of Past Abuse

      Oceanic 1

      How a school responds to reports of past misconduct impacts all involved. Strategies have recently evolved significantly. Learn to avoid damaging missteps. Discuss investigations and due diligence; reporting; insurance and legal issues; board consultation; transparency in communications; dealing with the parties; community impact; resolution, and moving forward.
      David Wolowitz, McLane Law Firm (MA); Travis Brownley, Marin Academy (CA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Funding Diversity: Sliding-Scale Models

      Asia 2

      Sliding-scale tuition ensures economic diversity is a collective investment. Challenges are financial and cultural. Endowment policies integrate school values. Manhattan Country School’s 47 years of sliding-scale tuition is an alternative to scholarship/financial aid funding models. Learn how it works at MCS and has been replicated at St. Elizabeth's.
      Michele Sola, Manhattan Country School (NY); Walter McCoy, St Elizabeth's School (CO)
      Demographic Sustainability
    • How Your Facilities Can Enhance Your Sustainability Leadership

      Europe 1

      Most schools today are making an effort to lower costs and go green, but are you going about it uniquely and efficiently? Exploring your campus through the nuts and bolts can lay the foundation for thoughtful decision-making and pave the way for great innovation. Learn how your facilities can bring your constituents together and lead your campus towards sustainability.
      John Tuke, The Hotchkiss School (CT); Darren Cassel, The Stone House Group (PA)
      Environmental Sustainability
    • If You See Something or Hear Something… Do Something

      Northern Hemisphere A-3

      Making the right decision in a split second is crucial in a crisis. When the stakes are high and time is short, training is essential. A Choate teacher knew what to do when he saw that a threat was beyond "teenage behavior." Examine steps taken and critical follow-up precautions in looking beyond the standard drilling and training.
      Jane Hulbert, The Jane Group (IL); Alex Curtis, Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • The Classroom Experience
    • Assessing Your Past, Utilizing Your Present, and Discovering Your Global Future

      Oceanic 5

      Going global on a shoestring! Pinewood is in its second year of a concentrated transformation into a K–12 global leadership educational institution, operating within a supportive structure with a limited budget. Discover how to assess your school’s established culture and global preparedness and initiate a three year plan to create a globally focused culture.
      BJ Ruddy, Hope McIntosh, Elizabeth Kauffman, and Brianne Peters, Pinewood Preparatory School (SC)
      Global Sustainability
    • Beyond Awareness: Global Participation and Experiential Learning

      Northern Hemisphere A-4

      Meadowbrook students experience true global participation, bringing joy to orphanages, solar electricity to remote schools, and free hands to farms and villages throughout Costa Rica. Learn  how to initiate a trip reflective of your school's values in experiential learning, global citizenship, sustainability, leadership, and adventure, complete with a documentary.
      Matt Molyneux amd David Canfield, Meadowbrook School (MA); Brian Benson, Costa Rican Adventures (COSTA RICA)
      Global Sustainability
    • Bullying: A Process for Change

      Southern Hemisphere I

      Bullying occurs on a continuum. Educators must identify and address the “little things” before they escalate. Discuss adolescent relationships, school policies, situational conversations with students, and parents. Gain knowledge and strategies to effect change in students and your schools.
      Karen Epstein, Georgetown Day High School (DC)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • CANCELLED Leading a 21st Century School: Going Beyond STEM by Shifting to STEAM

    • Connecting Educators to STEM Through Disney's Global Conservation Efforts

      Southern Hemisphere II

      Connect students to innovative science and technology using conservation stories from Disney's Animal Kingdom® and the Disneynature film Bears. Learn from experts how to develop students' critical problem-solving and science and technology skills. Hands-on wildlife tracking activities provide ways for students to think in new ways about conservation in their own lives.
      Lizabeth Fogel, Disney (CA); Allyson Atkins, Disney's Animal Kingdom (FL)
      Environmental Sustainability
    • Cultural Competence and 21st Century Skills: The Intersections of Learning and Community

      Northern Hemisphere E-1

      In order to support more inclusive communities in our schools, we must shift our focus in diversity work from cultural sensitivity to cultural competency. Join a panel of diversity leaders to explore how cross-cultural competency is essential for all children to collaborate, create, communicate, think critically, and solve problems in our schools of the future.
      Gene Batiste, Independent Education (DC); Steven Jones, Jones & Associates Consulting (CA); Rosetta Lee, Seattle Girls' School (WA); Alison Park, Blink Consulting (CA); Chris Thinnes, Curtis School (CA); Tim Wise, author and educator (TN)
      Demographic Sustainability
    • Launching an Online Consortium: Lessons Learned from MSON

      Northern Hemisphere E-2

      Join us in a lively dialogue about the lessons learned from the first year of online courses in the MSON, a consortium of 11 independent schools and the Stanford Online High School, offering rich curricular options in a synchronous, "virtual seminar" model.
      Marjo Talbott, Maret School (DC); Evan Peterson, Fort Worth Country Day School (TX); Craig Maughan, Trinity Preparatory School (FL)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Learning, the Brain, and Technology: A New Approach to Assessment

      Northern Hemisphere E-4

      Discover new diagnostic assessments that will measure conceptual understanding, help teachers customize instruction, and combine the benefits of formative and summative assessment. Capable of being embedded in regular classroom curricula, these tests reduce student stress and provide teachers (and colleges) with rich insights into student learning.
      Theo Dawson, Lectica, Inc. (MA); Steven Dear, Long Trail School (VT)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Maker Culture in Schools: Join the Movement

      Asia 4

      Makers know that they can change the world just by designing and making the world that they want to see. Explore the maker movement and demonstrate what it means to have a maker culture in your school. Three maker teachers will showcase their programs and share resources, tips, and advice on starting similar programs in your school.
      Jaymes Dec, Marymount School (NY); Lindsey Own, The Evergreen School (WA); Andrew Carle, Flint Hill School (VA)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • NEASC School-Based Teacher Certification

      Southern Hemisphere IV

      Examine the teacher certification program recently launched by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and gain a full explanation of one school’s experience. Receive materials related to the organization of the program, policies, and procedures adopted by the school, and samples of a teacher’s work in qualifying for certification.
      William Bennett, NEASC Commission on Independent Schools (MA); Jeffrey Burroughs, St. Johnsbury Academy (VT)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Q = Questioning: Reflections on Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTQ Youth and Families

      Southern Hemisphere V

      A critical component of our job in schools is to create spaces for students to safely express their identities. Review case studies to reflect on the effectiveness of formal programming and institutional policies related to supporting LGBTQ students and families. Examine gender and sexuality expression in students ranging from three years old through high school.
      Rachel Kane, Jason Novak, Tamara Clark, April Tvarok, and Carol Wolf, Abington Friends School (PA)
      Demographic Sustainability
    • Real Teachers: The Art of Intuition

      Southern Hemisphere III

      Hear four restorative stories of inspiration and insight for educators, often trapped in a bureaucratic world, illustrating the nature of epiphany and insight, keeping happiness in and out of the classroom, and more. Return to your community with useful perspectives and outlooks that free you up to restore the sense of joy and play into your work as a teacher.
      Stuart Grauer, The Grauer School (CA)
      Global Sustainability
    • Teaching Empathy: Cultivating Communities of Kindness in a Digital Age

      Asia 5

      How can we update our SEL goals and values education to foster empowered digital citizens rather than confining our kids behind firewalls? Explore how schools can cultivate and model respect and empathy in digital practice. Consider how entire learning communities, including parents, can collaborate to cultivate kindness in digital practices.
      Devorah Heitner, Raising Digital Natives (IL); Andrea Hernandez, Martin J Gottlieb Day School (FL); Mike Kirchberg, Sacred Heart Schools (IL); Vinnie Vrotny, Quest Academy (IL)
      Programmatic Sustainability

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