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One-Hour Workshops: Block 2

Block 2Thursday 12:00-1:00 PM
  • Communications and Advancement
    • Advancement Solutions for Small Schools and Small Shops

      Asia 3

      You spend a ton of energy wearing all those hats in your small school advancement work: make that energy do your bidding! Join us to focus in equal measure on vision and management for the small school development program. Discover how you can keep that glowing “September image” throughout the year.
      Starr Snead, Advancement Connections (SC); Shelley Reese, The Learning Center for the Deaf (MA)
      Financial Sustainability
    • Mapping Our Future by Charting Our Past: Celebrating Historic Milestones

      Northern Hemisphere A-3

      Does your school have a major anniversary coming up? The Park School of Buffalo and The Park School of Baltimore both celebrated centennials in 2012. Learn how to leverage a milestone to move your school forward and still respect the occasion. Examine how school leaders will discuss how they approached their respective milestones and talk about lessons learned in the process.
      Carolyn Hoyt Stevens and Christopher Lauricella, The Park School of Buffalo (NY); Dan Paradis and Roger Seidenmann, The Park School of Baltimore (MD)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • What Are They Saying About Us? A Look Inside a Parent Online Forum

      Northern Hemisphere B

      The parents are posting about us – but what are they saying? What lies within one popular online parenting forum with 155,000 posts covering more than 6,500 topics, all on the subject of independent schools? Join us in a critical analysis of such a forum to learn what parents are saying and why heads of schools and senior administrators should be paying attention.
      John Huber and Susanne Johnson, The Barnesville School (MD)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • Governance
    • A Top-Down Approach to Creating a Culture of Safety at an Independent School

      Southern Hemisphere V

      Get practical advice on creating a healthy school culture starting at the top with trustees and the head of school. Address governance issues, including the roles of the head and trustees; policies and protocols to protect the safety of students; ensuring compliance with mandatory reporting obligations; and encouraging internal upward reporting of safety concerns.
      David Wolowitz, McLane Law Firm (MA); Kevin Hicks, The Hotchkiss School (CT)
      Programmatic Sustainability
      Block2TopDown (PDF, 33 KB)
    • Governance and School Sustainability

      Northern Hemisphere E-4

      Examine key current trends in school sustainability and outline specific instability markers that board members, heads, and senior school leaders can use to assess and track the financial health and long-term sustainability of their school. Explore  examples and assessment tools.
      Jim Christopher, Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School (CANADA); Hilary LaMonte, NAIS (DC)
      Financial Sustainability
    • The Chair-Head Partnership: No-Holds-Barred Truth of What Works...and Doesn't

      Northern Hemisphere A-4

      Best friends or worst enemies? The head-chair relationship has been called the most important in independent schools. Look at real-life examples of what works and what doesn't led by a seasoned head of school and an experienced board chair. With discussion and humor, explore key success factors that can optimize any head-chair partnership.
      Skip Kotkins, Lakeside School / Carney Sandoe & Associates (WA); Jamie Estill, St. Paul's Academy (WA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Triple Transition Tale: Leadership Lessons Learned

      Southern Hemisphere IV

      Kevin, Mark, and Paul were the head, associate head, and dean respectively the same school a year ago and each is in a new role as head of three different independent schools. Join them to hear their experiences and leave with practical tips that the board, administration, and community can use to make a head change a strategic opportunity.
      Kevin Smith, Roycemore School (IL); Mark Twarogowski, Denver Academy (CO); Paul Pressler, Willowwind School (IA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • Leadership Development
    • A First-Year Head: Exploring Internal Landscapes Before External Territories

      Northern Hemisphere E-2

      To lead a school to new territories, a first-year head must first explore internal landscapes, securing allies who will join key initiatives and adapting the head’s own leadership habits to new territory. Hear three recently new heads describe year-one internal explorations, and discuss about integrating daring adventures into a head’s first year.
      Don Grace, Thacher Montessori School (MA); Simon Holzapfel, Darrow School (DC); Linda Johnson, Hendricks Day School (FL)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Environmentally Sustainable Schools: Theory and Practice

      Asia 2

      What systemic changes are needed to transform schools all children can attend a green, healthy, and sustainable school? Uncover the leadership and instruction required to create environmentally sustainable schools, and examine the state of environmental sustainability revealed by a series of regional surveys among NAIS schools.
      Paul Chapman, Inverness Associates (CA); Jaimie Cloud, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education (NY)
      Environmental Sustainability
    • Is This the Job I Signed Up For? Headship Today

      Southern Hemisphere II

      A veteran school head joins with a renowned school consultant and supervising psychologist to discuss the dramatic rise in demands and complexity of the head’s job over the last 20 years. Rick Melvoin and Michael Thompson discuss the nature of the changes, why the changes have occurred, and offer some ways to address, if not solve, this challenge.
      Rick Melvoin and Michael Thompson, Belmont Hill School (MA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • NAIS Fellowship for Aspiring School Heads

      Asia 5

      Join the NAIS Fellowship for Aspiring School Heads fellows as they share their group projects to explore a variety of global issues facing the independent school community.  The fellows will present answers to some of the toughest questions facing our schools.  
      NAIS Fellowship Cohort 2013-14
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Stuck in the Middle with You: Finding Joy in the Division Head Role

      Asia 1

      The roles of the division head and other middle manager positions are essential to the smooth running of schools — and yet few educators train specifically for these positions. Learn tips of the trade, strategies, and wisdom to help you navigate the challenges and find joy in leading from the middle.
      Barbara Kraemer-Cook, Marin Country Day School (CA); Kathleen McNamara, Tuxedo Park School (NY)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • Management
    • Day Schools and International Students: New Models

      Asia 4

      More and more day schools are actively recruiting international students, especially from China. The traditional home stay and ESL model may not be the best for schools or students. International Education Opportunities and a group of Philadelphia schools think they have a better idea.
      Tracey Osecki and Christian Brena, International Education Opportunities (PA); Kathleen Tkac, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)
      Global Sustainability
    • Downsizing to Grow Your School

      Americas Seminar Room

      Examine the decreasing U.S. birth rate, growing family financial aid needs, increasing technology use in learning, parental pressure for higher academic achievement, student entitlement/diminishing patience, and faculty difficulty with educational change and discuss how to think strategically about your school's future using the “Downsizing to Grow” model.  Uncover practical tips to reduce anxiety.
      Rich Odell, IMG Academy (FL)
      Financial Sustainability
    • Enterprise Risk Management at Your School: Getting Started

      Europe 2

      Rising costs, declining enrollments, sexual assault, or a study abroad program gone wrong —  issues that could cause damage to your school. It’s critical that heads and trustees examine risks that could impede the school’s ability to achieve its mission.   Learn about an enterprise risk management (ERM) model and other strategies to “jump start” a risk management process.
      Constance Neary, United Educators (MD); Debra Wilson, NAIS (DC)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Enterprise Risk Management at Your School: Getting Started

      Europe 2

      Rising costs, declining enrollments, sexual assault, or a study abroad program gone wrong —  issues that could cause damage to your school. It’s critical that heads and trustees examine risks that could impede the school’s ability to achieve its mission.   Learn about an enterprise risk management (ERM) model and other strategies to “jump start” a risk management process.
      Constance Neary, United Educators (MD); Debra Wilson, NAIS (DC)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
      Block2ERM (PPTX, 340 KB)
    • Evaluating Noncognitive Attributes in Admissions

      Northern Hemisphere E-1

      While quantitative cognitive assessment will always be valuable for admissions assessment, it is no longer sufficient (if it ever was).  Explore current research and interesting developments around creativity and so-called "non-cognitive" assessment and the implications for use in admissions and beyond.
      Jonathan Martin, JonathanEMartin Ed Services (AZ); Nancy Hayes, New Canaan Country School (CT); Heather Hoerle and Aimee Gruber, SSATB (NJ)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • International and Exchange Programs: Managing the Process and Risks

      Oceanic 5

      As schools find more ways to raise revenue, they increasingly look to the financial opportunities that international student programs provide. Unfortunately, without proper planning, many schools have found their programs do not adequately protect them. Learn how to plan and protect your school from liability.
      Suzanne Bogdan, Fisher & Phillips, LLP (FL); Sean Murphy, St. Andrew's Episcopal School (TX)
      Global Sustainability
    • Legal Requirements and Best Practices for Online Enrollment Agreements

      Oceanic 3

      Discuss common traps that schools fall into when converting to online enrollment agreements, as well as easy ways to avoid them. Take home helpful checklists for improving your school’s enrollment agreements and online process, provided by experienced legal counsel and author of an NAIS white paper regarding online enrollment agreements will.
      Will Hannum, Schwartz Hannum PC (MA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • On Your Own: Analysis of a Head of School Contract

      Oceanic 1

      A head may negotiate his or her own contract. Learn how you can succeed. Review examples of key contract provisions, how to do the research on what to expect from your school, strategy, the role of the school’s search consultant, and how to keep the negotiations in perspective with your family. Questions and participation welcome.
      Terrence Briggs, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP (MA); Ron Cino, Worcester Academy (MA)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Student Privacy and the School Counselor: How Much Can We Share

      Northern Hemisphere E-3

      The tug between student expectations of confidentiality and parent and school access to information can strain relations with families and expose schools to liability. A school administrator, counselor, and lawyer consider the counselor’s professional obligations, a parent’s right to information, and a school’s legal exposure.
      Caryn Pass, Venable, LLP (DC); Jim Best, The Dalton School (NY); Carlos Prieto, The Packer Collegiate Institute (NY)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
  • The Classroom Experience
    • Dare to Listen: Really Hearing Our Students

      Southern Hemisphere I

      In this fun interactive workshop, explore how to listen so students know we have really heard them. Examine how building closer connections with advisers and teachers will help our students thrive. Deeper listening creates relationships that help students grow. Learn together how to listen well in the service of that growth.
      Ellen Porter Honnet, Stanley H. King Counseling Institute (MA); Jack Creeden, School Year Abroad (MA)
      Daily Work of School Leaders
    • Exploring Homework: Making It Work

      Southern Hemisphere III

      Homework is a hot topic today. Examine critical questions around the purpose of homework, appropriate amounts, and effective policies. Explore current research, best practices, tensions, and solutions to the homework wars in your community. Dare to rethink homework!
      Lisa Spengler, Katherine Delmar Burke School (CA); Denise Pope, Stanford University (CA)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Implementation of Ethics and Mindfulness in the Classroom

      Northern Hemisphere A-1

      Engage in activities of mindfulness for use in the classroom: self-reflection, internal and external awareness, and discussions. Learn how to encourage students to focus in the present to support academic achievement. Discover the importance of the teacher-student relationship in collaboratively creating mindful space.
      Jaclyn Douglass, American School in Japan (JAPAN); Suzanne Jeffrey, The Ross School (NY)
      Programmatic Sustainability
    • Shakespeare Plays His Part in Global Education

      Europe 1

      In classrooms around the world, teachers dare to explore innovative ways of engaging with old works that encourage cultural, artistic, and personal discovery. Learn how the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon has worked with NAIS schools to create the next generation of Shakespearians around the globe.
      Nick Walton, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (UNITED KINGDOM); Lori Taylor, The Silk Road Project/ Actors' Shakespeare Project (MA); Jennie Israel, International School of Boston (MA)
      Global Sustainability
    • Thinking About Teaching: Insights from Educational Philosophers

      Northern Hemisphere A-2

      Explore key ideas of educational philosophers—how they can be useful to teachers today; how they connect to contemporary best-selling books on education, such as Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother; and their relevance to current topics in education: charter schools, common core, character education, teacher evaluation, and the standards accountability reform movement.
      Peter Gibbon, Boston University School of Education (MA)
      Programmatic Sustainability

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