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One-Hour Workshops: Global Sustainability

Become more networked internationally and less provincial in outlook.

  • Block 1 (Thursday, February 27, 8:00 - 9:00 AM)
    • Global Programs: Evaluation and Assessment

      Europe 1

      Do you know if your global programs are achieving the learning outcomes you desire? It is critical for schools to develop program measures that go beyond “satisfaction.” Using the backwards design process, Charlotte Blessing and Matt Nink—two experts in global education programs—will share key principles of the science of program evaluation.
      Charlotte Blessing, Lakeside School (WA); Matt Nink, Global Youth Leadership Institute (WI)
      The Classroom Experience
    • How Does Your School Demonstrate Commitment to Global Citizenship?

      Europe 2

      What impact do a school’s values and beliefs have on the achievement of global education goals? What global citizenship goals should be part of a school’s strategy? Discover standards that promote student growth and learn practices you can use to develop your school’s global perspectives and programs.
      Graham Ranger and John Heard, Council of International Schools (THE NETHERLANDS)
      The Classroom Experience
  • Block 2 (Thursday, February 27, 12:00 - 1:00 PM)
    • Day Schools and International Students: New Models

      Asia 4

      More and more day schools are actively recruiting international students, especially from China. The traditional home stay and ESL model may not be the best for schools or students. International Education Opportunities and a group of Philadelphia schools think they have a better idea.
      Tracey Osecki and Christian Brena, International Education Opportunities (PA); Kathleen Tkac, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)
    • International and Exchange Programs: Managing the Process and Risks

      Oceanic 5

      As schools find more ways to raise revenue, they increasingly look to the financial opportunities that international student programs provide. Unfortunately, without proper planning, many schools have found their programs do not adequately protect them. Learn how to plan and protect your school from liability.
      Suzanne Bogdan, Fisher & Phillips, LLP (FL); Sean Murphy, St. Andrew's Episcopal School (TX)
    • Shakespeare Plays His Part in Global Education

      Europe 1

      In classrooms around the world, teachers dare to explore innovative ways of engaging with old works that encourage cultural, artistic, and personal discovery. Learn how the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon has worked with NAIS schools to create the next generation of Shakespearians around the globe.
      Nick Walton, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (UNITED KINGDOM); Lori Taylor, The Silk Road Project/ Actors' Shakespeare Project (MA); Jennie Israel, International School of Boston (MA)
      The Classroom Experience
  • Block 3 (Thursday, February 27, 1:30 - 2:30 PM)
    • Getting to AND: Building Inclusive Communities with Global Learning Experiences

      Europe 1

      You can integrate inclusivity efforts and global education to strengthen and fortify the goals of both movements. Explore how Town School for Boys is building frameworks for global learning, using strategies that can serve all schools in developing more inclusive classrooms and school communities, particularly at the primary and middle school levels.
      Kristen Goggin and Kristen Zimmer, Town School for Boys (CA); Jennifer Klein, World Leadership School (CO); Homa Tavangar, Growing Up Global (PA)
      The Classroom Experience
  • Block 4 (Friday, February 28, 8:00 - 9:00 AM)
    • American Education Overseas: Exploring Partnership Schools in China

      Oceanic 5

      Explore the next phase of international education as collaboration between institutions leads to greater educational opportunities for students and educators. Follow two heads of independent schools as they discuss their unique programs and experiences establishing partnership schools in China. Learn about the potential of such programs and the challenges they face.
      Peter Gangemi, Cambridge Institute of International Education (MA); Frank Phillips, St. Mary's School Medford (OR); Shane Foster, The Barstow School (MO)
    • Global Programs: What Works and How Can We Improve?

      Asia 1

      International programs and student service-learning experiences often rely on well-accepted assumptions about how students learn while abroad. Learn how one school turned the microscope on its own global programs to identify and quantify the key elements of the transformational student experience, uncovering surprising and challenging results in the process.
      Aric Visser, Universidad de Zaragoza (SPAIN); Jack Creeden and Nelson Chase, School Year Abroad (MA)
      The Classroom Experience
    • Sustained and Sustainable Global Partnerships: Building Multi-Year Programs

      Southern Hemisphere I

      What have we learned about building and maintaining successful global partnerships? Join five schools with more than 100 years of collective global experience as we examine our successes and our failures in an attempt to offer helpful advice. After brief presentations discuss best practices and innovative ideas.
      Brad Nicholson, Peddie School (NJ); Raj Mundra, Phillips Academy (MA); Joe Vogel, Hathaway Brown School (OH); Pauline McKean, George School (PA); Nishad Das, Groton School (MA)
      The Classroom Experience
  • Block 5 (Friday, February 28, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM)
    • Building Future-Friendly Schools: Educators Who Are Taking It Global

      Northern Hemisphere E-1

      This panel presentation features educators who are passionate about global citizenship, student voice, and environmental stewardship. Join us to explore the meaning of future-friendly education and how technology and project-based learning can help us achieve common goals.
      Tania Rashid, TakingITGlobal (CANADA); Beth Lantz, Moses Brown School (RI); Sarah Dawe, Brookwood School (MA); Geoff Agnor, Berkeley Carroll School (NY); Jennifer Klein, World Leadership School (CO)
      The Classroom Experience
    • CIM: Project-Based Collaboration for School Improvement

      Northern Hemisphere E-2

      The ACS Centre for Inspiring Minds (CIM) gives traction to a teacher’s ideas for innovation and school improvement using a collaborative, project – based, action-research approach. Using a case study, explore the benefits of this model for professional development and organizational learning, including the resources needed to support it.
      Tom Lehman, Latifa Hassanali, Jacob Rosch, and Brianna Gray, ACS International Schools (UNITED KINGDOM)
      The Classroom Experience
    • Daring to Govern Strategically: The End Game for a High-Functioning Board

      Asia 5

      Look beyond capacity enrollment demand to robust fund-raising, a transformed campus supporting public/private partnerships, and an annual international student leadership program that reimagines the concept of “work” and human interaction. Join us to examine the role of a daring and strategic board in this kind of success.
      Ralph Davison and Phyllis Palmiero, Collegiate School (VA)
  • Block 6 (Friday, February 28, 1:30 - 2:30 PM)
    • Assessing Your Past, Utilizing Your Present, and Discovering Your Global Future

      Oceanic 5

      Going global on a shoestring! Pinewood is in its second year of a concentrated transformation into a K–12 global leadership educational institution, operating within a supportive structure with a limited budget. Discover how to assess your school’s established culture and global preparedness and initiate a three year plan to create a globally focused culture.
      BJ Ruddy, Hope McIntosh, Elizabeth Kauffman, and Brianne Peters, Pinewood Preparatory School (SC)
      The Classroom Experience
    • Beyond Awareness: Global Participation and Experiential Learning

      Northern Hemisphere A-4

      Meadowbrook students experience true global participation, bringing joy to orphanages, solar electricity to remote schools, and free hands to farms and villages throughout Costa Rica. Learn  how to initiate a trip reflective of your school's values in experiential learning, global citizenship, sustainability, leadership, and adventure, complete with a documentary.
      Matt Molyneux amd David Canfield, Meadowbrook School (MA); Brian Benson, Costa Rican Adventures (COSTA RICA)
      The Classroom Experience
    • Real Teachers: The Art of Intuition

      Southern Hemisphere III

      Hear four restorative stories of inspiration and insight for educators, often trapped in a bureaucratic world, illustrating the nature of epiphany and insight, keeping happiness in and out of the classroom, and more. Return to your community with useful perspectives and outlooks that free you up to restore the sense of joy and play into your work as a teacher.
      Stuart Grauer, The Grauer School (CA)
      The Classroom Experience
  • Three-Hour Workshops (Wednesday, Feburary 26, 1:00 - 4:00 PM)
    • Global Circles Update and Looking Forward: Dare to Join!

      Northern Hemisphere E-1

      Meet leaders from global education organizations to discuss essential practices, program evaluation, student assessment, online learning, and overseas partnerships. Learn about our collaborative process and join roundtable discussions to advance the conversation. We welcome your voice and ideas!
      Vicki Weeks, Global Weeks (WA); Willy Fluharty, Cape Henry Collegiate School (VA); Michael Furdyk, TakingITGlobal (CANADA); Matt Nink, Global Youth Leadership Institute (WI); Ross Wehner World Leadership School (CO); David Maher, Chadwick International School (SOUTH KOREA)
      Leadership Development

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