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Workshops by Track

You can easily find a workshop that addresses your area of expertise when you search by track below.


 One-Hour Workshops: Communications and Advancement Track

​Designed for heads and trustees as well as communication and advancement practitioners, these workshops address what it takes to ensure effective communication to — and relations with — all key constituencies.

 One-Hour Workshops: Governance Track

​Designed for boards of trustees and heads of schools in their role as liaisons with the board, these workshops focus on all aspects of board governance.

 One-Hour Workshops: Leadership Development Track

​Designed for heads and all academic and administative leaders, these workshops focus on effective school leadership.

 One-Hour Workshops: The Classroom Experience Track

​Designed for all educators and academic leaders, these workshops focus on design and implementation of academic programs.

 One-Hour Workshops: Management Track

​Designed primarily for business officers, financial aid directors, division heads, deans, and heads, these workshops focus on the day-to-day management of people, programs, and operations.

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