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Exhibit Hall Programs

​Come to the Exhibit Hall for special programming from NAIS.

New! NAIS Learning Labs

Hear how DASL can provide the data and insight needed for enrollment management and affordability. Explore various education technologies to
help you understand what is best for your school. Learn how the NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism provides you a deeper understanding of your school climate of inclusion, and hear how one school is supporting cultural exchange and global studies through its international student body.

Thursday, February 25, 2:30 – 2:50 PM
Use DASL for Enrollment Management
Feeling pressure about enrollment? Focused on demographic shifts and your school’s diversity? Interested in finding the most fruitful sectors of your draw area for marketing? See how DASL provides data that give insight into all three of these areas and more!
Presenters: Hilary LaMonte, Senior Vice President, Data and Research, and Joy Bodycomb, Director of Data Strategy and Operations, DASL

Thursday, February 25, 3:25 – 3:45 PM
Use DASL to Evaluate your School’s Affordability
Check out the new Affordability Dashboard in DASL. Compare your tuition and financial aid trends to the school groups of your choice and to the family income trends of your draw area. Forecast those trends out five years to see what the future might hold if you stay on your current course.
Presenters: Hilary LaMonte, Senior Vice President, Data and Research, and Joy Bodycomb, Director of Data Strategy and Operations, DASL

Friday, February 26, 11:00 – 11:20 AM
Making Sense of Ed Tech
SIS, LMS, PLP...What? If you’re not entirely clear about technology terms and applications, join this interactive session to make sense of technology in your school. We’ll explore the ed tech landscape and get a good foundational understanding of the different types of products out there that schools are using.
Presenter: Kawai Lai, Vice President, Educational Technology and Learning Services

Friday, February 26, 11:30 – 11:50 AM
Enhancing Equity as an Integrated Value Through the Use of AIM
In many organizations, the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion are viewed as intangibles — good things to have, to do, and to profess, but not necessarily the grounds of structured processes and accountability. The NAIS Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) provides schools with a deep understanding of the climate of inclusion on their campuses, and the data from AIM can convert thoughts, ideas, and assumed best practices into benchmarked numbers for real goal setting.
Presenters: Caroline Blackwell, Vice President, Equity and Justice, and Michael Goodman, Program Manager for Equity and Justice

Friday, February 26, 1:40 – 2:00 PM
Cultural Exchange and Global Studies Supported by International Students in F1 Programs
International students enrolled in NAIS member schools bring a rich array of cultural backgrounds, traditions, perspectives, and languages to the school community. Find out how one school supports cultural exchange and global studies through its international students, particularly those on F1 visas. Join us and share your own experiences and practices!
Presenters: Ioana Wheeler, Director of Global Initiatives and Board of Trustees Programs, and Chantal Duke, The Awty International School (TX)

NAIS Makerspace

Stop by the Exhibit Hall to experience innovation and creativity in action. This vibrant space hosts discussions, demonstrations, and resources so you can take trailblazing concepts back to your school.

Thursday, February 25, 12:00 NOON – 1:00 PM
What are the Benefits of a Maker Program in Your School?
Explore a variety of different strategies used in independent schools to get students actively learning about the world around them, and find out more about how you can support these different approaches.
Presenters: Jill Brown, Albuquerque Academy (NM); Laura Deisley, The Lovett School (GA)

View the handout: 2016-Makerspace.pdf

Friday, February 26, 1:40 – 2:40 PM
How to Use Design Thinking to Make the Makerspace that is Right for Your School
A school makerspace is much more than a collection of tools, shelves, and gadgets. In this session, we will use design thinking as a framework to set up and equip a makerspace that will fulfill the mission of your school and the needs of your students and staff. 
Presenters: Steve Westwood and Kim Saxe, Nueva School (CA)


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