About the NAIS Annual Conference

The NAIS Annual Conference is the premier professional development and networking event for administrators, trustees, and teachers at independent schools. We attract more than 5,500 participants over the course of three days. NAIS represents more than 1,800 national and international member schools.

2019 Location

Long Beach, CA: February 27- March 1

Future NAIS Annual Conference Dates and Locations

2020: Philadelphia, PA: February 26 - 28
2021: Houston, TX: February 24 - 26
2022: Boston, MA: March 2-4
Please note: All individuals are welcome to attend. NAIS has an institutional commitment to the principles of diversity. In that spirit NAIS does not discriminate in violation of the law on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, sexual orientation, age, physical challenge, nation of origin, gender or any other characteristic.