Frequently Asked Questions About Sponsorship and Exhibiting

SCAM ALERT! NAIS does not sell its conference attendee list. Confirmed sponsors and exhibitors receive pre- and post-conference attendee lists directly from NAIS as part of their benefits packages at no extra charge. If you receive calls or emails from any third-party vendor offering to sell you an attendee list, we strongly advise that you do not give these solicitors any personal information or payment. 

What is the difference between sponsorship and a virtual exhibit listing?

Sponsorship will give your organization the greatest visibility before, during, and after the event through a variety of NAIS channels. View full details of where your company logo will appear based on the level of sponsorship you choose. Each sponsorship package also includes a complimentary exhibit listing, and one or more complimentary registrations for your team to attend the event. 

The virtual exhibit listing gives your company visibility before, during, and after the conference through a limited number of NAIS channels. For companies on a tighter budget, this option still provides the ability to support this industry event, connect with educators, and gain exposure for your brand.  

Each option provides at least one complimentary conference registration. We suggest you use this to attend sessions and network with attendees to make the most of the event. Your conference attendee(s) will also be able to message attendees and set up meetings through the virtual platform attendee list during the conference dates. 

When is the deadline to sign up for an exhibit listing?

The final day to purchase an exhibit listing is Wednesday, February 17. You can purchase an exhibit listing through our online store. Please note that there are separate store items for For-Profit Exhbitors and Non-Profit Exhibitors

Who can set up my exhibit profile?

When you purchase your exhibit listing, you will be asked for the name and contact info of the person you want to set up your exhibit profile. That person will then receive details about how to log in to the conference platform to update your profile. 

When can we set up our exhibit profile?

The contact indicated during your purchase process will receive access to set up your profile on Monday, February 1. 

How can we view our profile “as an attendee” once it is set up?

Only the contact from your company that is registered for the conference will be able to view your profile “as an attendee”. Unfortunately,  there is no way to view your final profile during the setup process -- you will only see it in edit mode. We will allow exhibitors who are registered conference attendees to enter the conference platform on Friday, February 19, whcih is three days prior to all other attendees. This will allow you to view your final profile and make any additional edits before all attendees enter.

What information can I include on my virtual booth?

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Video to let attendees know a bit more about who you are!
  • Call to Action (CTA) Button -- ideas below for how to maximize use of this button:
    • Connect with us: include a URL to a scheduling tool such as Calendly so you can follow up with interested attendees
    • Giveaway: include a link to a lead generation form by enticing attendees to sign up for a great prize
    • Let’s talk!: link to a Zoom room during networking breaks or other times when there is no conference programming so attendees can “pop-in” to meet you and ask questions 
  • Any company contact registered for the conference will display on your profile.
  • Contact information: company phone, website, and social media accounts 
  • Links to documents or other resources

NOTE: you can update your profile throughout the event, so feel free to use the CTA for a Zoom room during breaks and a giveaway/lead generation form at all other times.

What will the virtual platform booth look like?

View a sample booth.

Are there set exhibit hours?

  • No. You do not need to have staff “stationed at your booth” throughout the event. If you plan to have a Zoom room open at various times during the event, you can list details about the hours your team is available in the description section of your profile.
  • If you plan to host a Zoom room for attendees during the event, the staff who will be managing that Zoom room do not need to be registered for the conference. 

How can my company connect with attendees before, during, and after the event?

  • Sponsors and exhibitors are eligible to receive a pre-conference attendee list so you can see who is registered to attend the conference. This will not include physical or email addresses, but is for informational purposes to see which of your current clients or prospects may be attending. This pre-conference list will be available starting Monday, February 15.
  • The conference registrant can message attendees within the platform during the event. Visit the “Attendee” link in the left-hand navigation, find the contact, and click “Send a Message” or “Schedule a Meeting”.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors are eligible to receive a post-conference attendee direct mail list. Note that a sample mailing must be submitted before this list is provided. This list will include physical addresses only and no email addresses. 

When can I receive my pre-conference attendee list?

You can reach out to the NAIS team for your pre-conference list on or after February 15. Please note that this list is for informational purposes only and will not contain physical or email addresses.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please contact us