Master Classes

Haidt_Jonathan.JPGMaster Class With Jonathan Haidt
Location: PCC, 126A
Thursday, 11:30 AM–1:30 PM
Ticket Required: $95, lunch provided

Educators in the Crossfire: Investigating Conflict and Creating a Culture of Resilience
In this two-hour master class, we will dig deeper into the ideas from Haidt’s earlier keynote. The session will be aimed at administrators and teachers who sit in the crossfire of many stakeholders who make conflicting demands, many of which are impossible to satisfy. We will cover topics including identifying your purpose and crafting a moral narrative about your school that can anchor your policies and your responses to conflicts and challenges; identifying the various “moral matrices” and sacred values of various stakeholders; making “antifragility” a guiding principle of policies and pedagogy; understanding the causes of the epidemic of teen anxiety and depression, investigating social media’s role in exacerbating issues, and inviting your Gen Z students to draft policies with you.  

Michele-Mattoon-DSC_0052.jpgMaster Class With Michele Mattoon
Location: PCC, 126A
Friday, Noon
–3:15 PM
Presenters: Michele Mattoon, Luci Englert McKean, and Laura Beth Wayne, National School Reform Faculty
Ticket Required: $95, lunch provided

Techniques for Building Belonging in the Classroom
Research shows that students who feel a strong sense of belonging among their peers and feel valued by their teachers are able to engage more fully in learning. However, a recent study indicates that one out of every five students report that they have a problem fitting in at school, and only half the students surveyed enjoy being at school. This master class will help you foster a belonging mindset and learn more about the impact belonging has on students’ academic achievement and general level of happiness. You will leave with immediately usable activities and protocols specifically created for this purpose.