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Submissions for the 2019 NAIS Annual Conference (February 27-March 1; Long Beach, CA) will open the first week of April. Check back here for more details.

The Leadership Journey: Guides, Pathways, and Possibilities

Leadership, both in concept and in practice, is a journey rather than a destination. Join us at the 2018 NAIS Annual Conference this March 7 – 9, in Atlanta to explore the possibilities of your own leadership journey, whether you lead as a head of school, teacher, trustee, or in multiple roles. Along with other aspects of a changing world and education landscape, the independent school community is faced with shifting mindsets about who leads and how we lead. When NAIS was founded over 50 years ago, the concept of leadership looked remarkedly different than it does today. While many of the building blocks of effective and inspiring leadership remain the same, we now know there are countless styles, personalities, and skills that can help us be authentic, engaged, and innovative leaders whether in the classroom, a board meeting, or as a head of school.

Who is leading our schools is just as important as how they are doing it. Women and people of color remain underrepresented in many top leadership roles in our schools, Millennials are challenging preconceived notions of success, and retirement is in reach for many heads of school. As we prepare ourselves and our students for the future, we must examine who is preparing and refining their leadership skills and what pathways they are taking along the way.


Visit the Profiles in Leadership gallery to hear profound leadership moments from NAIS members.


Come to the 2018 NAIS Annual Conference and…
Take some time to identify and thank the guides who helped you along your leadership journey. Examine the pathways that brought you to where you are today. Explore what possibilities you see for yourself in the future. Together we can reimagine what authentic, effective leadership looks like at all levels.

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