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FEBRUARY 24 – 26,  San Francisco, CA

2016 NAIS Annual Conference

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What's Your Story? The Power of Trailblazers, Catalysts, and Calamities

Stories matter. School leadership and independent education thrive on building communities and connections driven by the interwoven narratives of people and institutions. The stories we tell have the potential to inspire a new generation of students, reassure and encourage parents, build dynamic boards, and leave behind a personal legacy closely tied to the story of your school.

Forward-thinking leaders know that listening is the first step to learning how to harness those key moments that are catalysts for change and growth to support global, well-rounded schools. We can learn from trailblazing individuals who bravely share their experiences, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, and inspire us to take risks for big rewards. And with risk, comes the inherent chance to fail. What can we learn from past mistakes and missteps? How can we manage our schools, teams, and communities to see calamities as the starting point for great leadership?

In a world of constant messaging, where a stream of stories is pushed out instantaneously by social media, we need to make our stories stick and manage the messages we’re putting out to the world. Join us to explore how we can communicate the value of our schools not simply by high test scores and college admittance, but by the lasting impressions we make on our students to build character, be empowered members of a strong and caring community, and in turn, give them stories to tell about their enriching experiences. 




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