2019 Think Tank

The 2019 NAIS Annual Conference Think Tank is an advisory group of independent school opinion leaders who help to guide programming and planning. NAIS Annual Conference planning starts 18 months before each conference as we meet with these local leaders to brainstorm.

The NAIS Annual Conference is enriched by volunteers like those named below, who have offered their time generously in order to serve school leaders by creating innovative and exciting programming to inspire and enlighten participants. We at NAIS are indebted to:

John Bracker, Head of School, Pasadena Polytechnic School (California)
Josh Brody, Head of School,  Sequoyah School (California)
Mark Brooks, Head of School,  Center for Early Education (California)
Jack Creeden, Independent Consultant
Jenn Foley Tolbert, Head of School, Saint Mark's School (California)
Landis Green, Head of School, Wildwood School (California)
Lisa Gumina, Director of Teaching and Learning, Vistamar School (California)
Drew Ishii, Mathematics Instructor, Sage Hill School (California)
Pamela Jordan, Head of School, Idyllwild Arts Academy (California)
Christina Kim, Director of Student Life, The Willows Community School (California)
Ed Kim, Head of School, St. Matthew's Parish School (California)
Tim Kusserow, Head of School, Carlthorp School (California)
Mark McKee, Head of School, Viewpoint School (California)
Jim McManus, Executive Director, California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)
Priscilla Sands, Head of School, Marlborough School (California)